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Baaba Maal is a uniquely talented singer from Senegal. He's equally at home with an acoustic guitar playing traditional folk music or playing the hottest international dance music. He's finally emerging into the international spotlight as one of the world's hottest performers.

While most Senegalese performers belong to the Wolof ethnic group, Baaba Maal is a member of the Pulaar (also known as Fulani) minority from Northern Senegal. Since he wasn't born into a griot (traditional musician) family, he wasn't encouraged to become a performer, but instead studied law. He is a scholar as well as a singer and has spent much of his life studying his heritage.

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Baaba Maal featured in Black Hawk Down Soundtrack

Baaba's new album, Missing You...Mi Yeewnii is now available from his new label, Palm Pictures. You can buy it now. Read a review here.

For further info e-mail [email protected] or contact Jumbo Vanrenen at 44-171-2293000.


This section is incomplete. If anyone can provide a full discography, email it to me.

Djam Leeli (with Mansour Seck), Mango CCD 9840 *1*
Wango, Syllart SYLCD 8348 (Stern's) *2*
Taara, Syllart production, Melodie 38774-2 *2*
Baayo, Mango 162-539 907-2 *1*
Lam Toro, Mango 162-539 925-2 *3*
Firin' in Fouta, Mango 162-539 944-2 *3*
Nomad Soul, Palm Pictures PALMCD 2002
Missing You...Mi Yeewnii, Palm Pictures PALMCD 2067 *NEW*

He also sings one track on Mansour Seck's N'der Fouta Tooro Vol. 1.

Import Tapes:
Generation Nouvelle
Live En Allemagne
Suka Naaye
Sunugal Studio 2000 *1*

*1* These are acoustic guitar/vocal albums.
*2* These are "Senegalese-pop" style albums.
*3* These are international dance/pop style albums.

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